Fancy Farmgirls DIY Moss Pumpkins

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You know them, you love them and they are back with a fun autumn decor tutorial for gorgeous moss pumpkins you are going to love! We are happy to welcome back the Fancy Farmgirls. Take it away, ladies!


Fancy Farmgirls here.

Fall is officially here!

Tis the season for pumpkins.

Real pumpkins, faux pumpkins and then I saw DIY concrete pumpkins with moss?


Time to get crafty!

I did skip the concrete part of it but loved the idea of moss.

Off to Walmart we did go.
You can do this same project with real pumpkins as well. We chose faux so we can re-use them year to year. You can get a ton of faux pumpkins HERE.

I started off by spray painting them a creamy white. Again, not necessary but I’m a neutral-loving gal. Here is the spray paint I used.

The stems popped out to make painting easy.

We sprayed the stems gold to add a little glam. THIS metallic spray paint is fantastic!

Next we brushed mod podge down the sections of pumpkin and sprinkled on dried moss. You can get some here.  It helped to put the dry moss in the blender to break it up more. Sprinkle it on and shake off the excess.

I love em!

We added faux berries as well as real berries from the backyard tree to create a seasonal centerpiece.

I love how they fit in with the neutral decor and have a classy look.

This is an easy project that adds a unique twist to the typical pumpkin.

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